Static Data

Energy Traders Europe develops and maintains standards that enable customers in the wholesale energy trading to use a common application and interface for exchanging transaction data. The standards are based on a common XML terminology, the CpML.

Note regarding the merger of the market areas in Germany:

Energy Traders Europe confirms use of EIC Y-Code for eCM of THE trades.

The merger of the former market area managers GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH (GASPOOL) and NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co. KG (NCG) into Trading Hub Europe GmbH (THE) impacts electronic confirmation matching (eCM) using the Energy Traders Europe eCM Standard.
Energy Traders Europe has agreed that when electronically confirming deals delivered on THE (37Y005053MH0000R), eCM documents must state EIC code type Y (for identifying area zones and balancing zones) for the field DeliveryPointArea.
BuyerHubCode and SellerHubCode fields will be used to identify the High and Low Gas.

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Product Type Oil
Product Type Metal
Product Type Electricity
Product Type Coal
Product Grade Type
Pipeline Name Type
Payment Event Type
Electricity Transmission Contingency
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Hub Code
Delivery Point Area
Commodity Reference
Counterparty - EFET Local Code