Our Legal Standards

For over two decades, our EFET General Agreements have been the industry standard for OTC transactions in gas and power trading.

For over twenty years, the EFET General Agreements have been a tried-and-tested cornerstone of energy trading, setting the industry standard for OTC transactions in gas and power trading. 

Our comprehensive suite of agreements - including the Master Netting Agreement, the Credit Support Annex, renewable certificates and emissions trading documentation, and Power Purchase Agreements - are pivotal in managing credit risk, increasing liquidity and fostering fair competition across diverse markets. 

We work on specific form contracts, adapting to unique trade requirements and amend our master documentation to keep up with evolving market dynamics. Additionally, our expertise in Power Purchase Agreements aids in securing long-term energy procurement.  As part of our responsibilities, we are committed to delivering services to support the energy industry, such as granting access to our EDRS platform and facilitating the acquisition of netting opinions. These netting opinions serve as a vital component of our services and contribute to the overall robustness of our General Agreements and Master Netting Agreements.

Our standardised contracts and processes deliver enhanced transparency, reduced operational and credit risks, and increased efficiency, fostering fair competition within a consistent framework for a dynamic trading environment.

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